Big Sexy is One Sexy Beast

Big Sexy Food Plot Mix

The common question I typically hear come Fall Planting Season is, “I’m looking to plant about ¼ to ½ an acre that we can hunt over from September-January, what would you recommend?”   Read on and all your Fall Food Plot Dreams will come true !!

When designing Big Sexy we had several goals in mind…

  • Create the premier cold season food plot

  • Maximize the Amount of Available Forage

  • Incorporate Both Warm and Cold Season Food Sources to Increase Attraction

  • Create a Go-To Food Plot Blend for Hunters Across the Country to Truly Give Them an Edge and Attract More Deer to Their Property

If you have not tried it yet, seen the results for yourself or heard from a friend, it is true, Big Sexy checks all the boxes!

While Domain Outdoor may be new to the food plot industry, we are definitely not new to food plotting and have been playing with different plant varieties in different proportions to truly provide a one-of-a-kind Fall Food Plot that maximizes forage, attraction and nutrition…yet does not require a frost for deer to be interested.  Big Sexy is that Food Plot.

Big Sexy Food Plot Mix

What Makes Big Sexy So Sexy?

We don’t deserve the credit, the plants do!  When designing Big Sexy we spared no expense and didn’t resort to “fillers”, instead we sourced only the highest quality seeds and forages and utilized them in exact proportions so they could co-exist within the same plot and ALL maximize their nutrient intake and forage output…the results will speak for themselves.  By selecting and mixing the special plant varieties, we have chosen (varieties of turnip, radish, rape and kale) Big Sexy will provide an early, prime and late season food source your deer will seek out and continue to visit day after day.

How / When to Plant Big Sexy

While Big Sexy can be planted in the Spring, my best recommendation is to plant it in late July or August in the Midwest and North, late August or September in the Middle US or late September or October in the South.  In my opinion and through my research and experience, a deer’s attraction to “brassicas” has A LOT to do with the maturity level of the plants.  Since the plant varieties of Big Sexy will mature in 60-80 days with a healthy growing environment, planning around maturity can be a key to your success.  As plants are immature and growing, their protein and palatability levels are very high…which will increase attraction even before it turns cold.  Once a brassica reaches maturity, attraction can then be more reliant on weather, as colder weather helps create a molecular change which transforms the starches that have been stored during growing season, into a high energy sugar that will again increase attraction.  The moral of the story, plant it based on when you want deer to be most attracted to it and expect PLENTY of activity before the weather turns cold.

What Can I Expect When I Plant Big Sexy

A LOT…honestly.  If your soil health is where it needs to be 6.2-7.0 and Mother Nature cooperates at all, you should have very high expectations for your Big Sexy Plot.  TONS and TONS of high protein green forage (that can easily grow knee high) and provided you don’t plant too much seed per square foot, you can expect large tap root growth as well (Turnips / Radish).  Please following the planting instructions on the Label for best results! I’m comfortable saying and suggesting no matter where you hunt, you should reserve a spot every year to include Big Sexy in your food plot program.

Big Sexy is One Sexy Beast

It’s been a very common theme this fall and it’s only September, but many hunters across the country have been experiencing extreme success with their Big Sexy food plots.  It isn’t uncommon for me to receive at least 1 text or call per day from friends, customers and colleagues letting me know about the 20-30 deer in their plot per night, the doe they just harvested or the giant buck they’ve watched all year finally reading the script.  Big Sexy truly offers the best Hunt Plot you can buy (for the money) and we will provide our Domain Customer Satisfaction Guarantee….it will be the best hunt plot you have ever planted, period.

To read more about Big Sexy please follow the link below:

Happy Hunting!


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