Land Management... What does it mean?

It could mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For me, it means a full circle ecosystem that in turn, checks off all of the boxes for me.
I grew up in the Era of Marty Stauffer and if you don't know who that is, you better look him up. 
In short, every creature is interesting! From the top predator to the insects. So with that being said, I assume the majority of you reading this are whitetail hunters while some are turkey, upland or migratory birds and some trappers.  Now when I say hunting, I don't mean killing every creature on your property. I mean you get more time with mother nature to hopefully see those creatures you're NOT hunting for. It's very fulfilling to me to spend time with a coyote, a fisher or a red tail hawk. I tell my kids, those are the moments or "videos" in your life that only happened to you. There aren't a million views on that 1 minute clip you saw of the young buck pushing that doe, or the clip of the grey squirrel nearly sitting on your boot! That clip was seen by you and you only! Those to me are amazing and truly appreciated.
So my approach to Land Management is to cram as much of that into a property as possible. Now, every property is different and unique. Some need trees planted, some need trees removed. Some have big food sources, some have little food. 
When it comes to farms with agriculture I like there to be a balance. You can have loads of food but no habitat and it will be difficult to hunt.  If you have loads of habitat and no food, it will be difficult to hunt. So with that being said, a balance needs to happen. Intermixed food sources within great habitat is the balance you're looking for. You tie that in with great access and you'll be reaching your hunting goals in no time. This is where I lean heavily on Domain products. For early attracting power I love to mix Comeback Kid and Hot Chic. Several clover varieties and one of my new favorites, chicory!  It's been around forever but new to me. Deer love mouthfuls of food vs nibbles. This combination scratches that itch! I also use this around water holes, small plots or high traffic areas mainly because it's a perennial and can handle the graze!
I also love the latter part of the summer where I can manipulate travel within my food plots with fall blends! My 2 favorites are Big Sexy and Illicit. I use these in my grain plots to entice them to come into a social area where I typically have a little water hole and a rubbing post. This becomes an area where deer don't need to go but will. I use the analogy of the candy bars and drinks at the grocery store check out. You don't need any of that but, since you're standing right there, you usually commit. Deer have the same behavioral instinct. And if you put those 2 pieces to one side or the other, you'll still have room for a decoy!!  Another favorite tool of mine. Maybe we can do another blog about that down the road. Anyways, using fall blends in bigger plots close to stand locations is key. I like to make my plots layered. For example I use corn for a screen for access, a pusher to get deer to go a certain route and to push them around the corn into my soybeans. Then the soybeans can push them even closer to my green plots for a shot. All my green plots are usually in bow range. Then my grain plots will be fine for gun season. As I mentioned before, every plot and every farm is unique and should be treated as such. I appreciate Domain for all they have done to help me and my business! Domain is a great asset to every hunter and land owner!  
Thanks guys!! 
Jeff Nelson 
Advanced Habitat Solutions 
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